Magazine Design and Layout

L’Art de Recevoir

Conceptualization, design and layout for the magazine "L’Art de recevoir", a unique concept created by a passionate duo from Montréal : the interior designer Stéphanie Bélanger and the artist Sébastien Rio.

L’Art de Recevoir is a quaterly magazine. Launched in September 2016, this gorgeous high-end bookzine is featuring unique content about culinary arts, inspiring home decor and local entrepreneur from the food industry.

Agency : Agent Illustrateur
Editors in chief Stéphanie Bélanger et Sébastien Rio
Creative and Art Director : Christine Roy
Graphic Design : Nicole Bouchard
Illustrations : Christine Roy
Photography : Mélissa St-Arnaud
Copywriter : Celeste Nelson - Moonlight Writing
Printing : Transcontinental
Distribution : Messagerie Dynamique