Agent Illustrateur

Hunting original ideas.
Cooking fresh designs.
With my own bare hands.


When our customers are hungry, we plan a detailed mission ; to go above and beyond to track the wild, raw and untamed ideas, silently waiting to be captured. It’s a compelling journey where all hunts are excitedly different.

Once we’ve gathered as much information as we can and defined the framework, we set ourselves to a stormy journey of inspiration and discoveries. After many failed attempt at capturing the sacred beast, we finally trap the best idea and get ready for cooking !

Once we have the meat, we start cooking it at our customers’ taste in a timelessness manner. We can serve them on-premise as well as oversea, with a constant attention to detail and a deep passion for our work.



My name is Christine.
I’m a creative director and a brand strategy consultant.
Provider of premium illustration services and licensing.
I have a B.A in fine arts, film production & an MBA.
My team works with local, national & international clients.


Christine Roy, MBA

+1 514 707.2564
417 rue Saint-Pierre #403
H2Y 2M4
Montréal, Québec
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